Léon Design Agency.

The Junction House

Interior Design


The Junction House

Léon has been approached to redesign the new Junction House. They wanted an unexpected restaurant, different from the surrounded area.
The restaurant's perfect location on Seminyak busy junction inspired us to build from scratch an urban-styled, Haussmann Parisian house.
From the facade, French elegance is embodied in the huge building with tall windows that enable direct sunlight in and the all around terrace.

Inspired by the coziness of the Parisian apartments, Leon came up with the concept of a House.
We wanted the customers to feel that they are having their meal at someone's place. And they can choose where they want to sit in that house.



The Library

Upon entering the restaurant, you will notice a giant bookshelf with thousands of books and home objects covering up an entire wall.
The books are sorted by rainbow color pattern that steals the limelight, giving your eyes an eye-catching view when you walk upstairs.


The Office

Imagine having your meals on the drawing table of an architect working from home.
You are sitting at his desk and you are surrounded by many of his sketches and drawing drafts.


The Patio

Like a greenhouse. This is the breath of fresh air and oxygen in the house.
The tables are dispatched in the room where the sun pierces the ceiling.


The Dining room

A proper family atmosphere place. A large set-up table in a cosy room to enjoy diner with your friends or family.


The Bedroom

People can also choose to sit in the most private and unexpected room of the house, the bedroom.
An intimate room, as if you were at home.


The Tropical Salon

The colonial styled living room keeps all traveling mementos collected by the family ancestor: animal trophies, African bowls,
tropical artworks, handmade souvenirs. A tropical environment showing taking you into his journey.


The Kitchen

An array of glasses, plates, cutlery, jars of spices, and dish cloths looks like somebody is preparing your today's lunch.
Enjoy your food in this eat-in kitchen. Attached to the kitchen is a secret door leading you to bathroom,
which you might overlook thanks to the bookshelf disguise.


The House

Every space has its own atmosphere and feeling, but maintaining the same dining functionality. A unique experience you will not find anywhere else in Bali.

In parallel of the Interior Design, we have created the Brand Identity of the House that needed to reflect the elegance of the house.
Therefore, in order to capitalize on the unexpected design of the house - we came up with a modern, refined style reminding the design of the House's facade.
The logo, and it's application in the house, the menu, the shopping bag, the business cards - all the elements are branded
through the same branding charter to ensure a total consistency of the House's identity.