Léon Design Agency.

Retro Tour

Brand strategy, Graphic Identity

Remi, Julien, and Charles were inspired by American road trips to design a totally unknown concept in France: a vintage sidecar ride to discover historical sites, major landmarks, and other beautiful places in Paris. Retro Tour was born to invite tourists and Parisians to “The Great Escape”, enabling them to explore Paris differently. The tagline has become a simple and powerful message to communicate Retro Tour service.

When facing the task to create their brand identity, Léon envisioned strong, fun Parisian Gentleman Sidecarists in their leather jacket whizzing around on cool-looking bike, ready to take anybody with them. To strategically fit in their retro and friendly style, Léon experimented with rustic tone and created Gentleman Sidecarist caricatures that show personal experience visitors will get with them.

Brand Strategy / Identity