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Gelato Secrets Interior


Gelato Secrets

In addition to their new branding, Gelato Secrets once again put their trust in Léon to design their newly opened shops in Jakarta. Corresponding to the branding, the interior concept also reflects the brand's personality that serves artisanal homemade gelato in a homey, local feel.




Setiabudi One Mall

The shop is situated in one of the outlets in Setiabudi One Mall, South Jakarta. We used wood furniture, plants decor, and pink and green cushions to feature Gelato Secrets' character. This creates a piece of warm ambiance with natural touch in the middle of an urban jungle.

In an area surrounded by various office buildings and shopping centers, the shop provides a comfortable space to accommodate quick meetings, after-work hangouts, or just casual catch-ups with friends and family.



Citywalk Sudirman

Léon was challenged to effectively maximize the small space between two escalators in the ground floor of Citywalk Sudirman, Central Jakarta.

We designed a limited number of seats for a more breathable room. We also opted for green shades to make the natural feel pop, along with plants and wood chairs and tables. A cute little space everyone notices while moving between floors.