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Amorgos is a Greek Local food brand. Located and produced in the Cyclades, all the products are made with love by the local and independent producers. The brand proposes a fine selection of ancestral and natural recipes still anchored in the Greek daily life. 

Amorgos contacted us to help them to define how they should introduce the brand, how they could highlight all the hard work in their identity and how could they pass on their food expertise on to their customers. 

In order to feature the authenticity, the uniqueness and the strong flavors of these products – Léon worked with a global approach. It became obvious to us that the brand needed the change its name, create a logo with a much stronger personality and develop a design graphic charter that will allow the brand to expose all its values visually with no further explanation needed. Léon therefore worked on a powerful brand identity made of impactful visuals and design codes.

Brand Strategy / Identity / Packaging