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Karma Koma Gallery


French pret-a-porter brand, Karma Koma, approached Léon to position their brand on the market and to create a solid and long-term brand identity. The identity positioning was followed by designing their boutique interior.

Léon therefore carried the identity into physical space, where sensory appeal of shopping experience plays an important role to reinforce the branding. Blending Mediterranean and Balinese style, 14 boutiques spread in France and Bali radiate the same essence: feminine, unique, elegant, simple.

Leon wanted to transport you into your private wardrobe. It’s like you wake-up and choose the outfit of the day.

The clothes are displayed almost as flying in the air and easy for the customers to reach. 

We designed a special lighting to enhance the elegant interaction between the space and the fabrics and we chose the rattan, the teak wood, the steel to represent the feminine but strong Karma Koma women.

What we do :
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